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Aromatherapy Massage ~ Belavi Facelift Massage
Pregnancy Massage ~ Swedish Massage

Seitai Massage ~ Shiatsu Massage
Deep Muscle massage
~ Remedial Massage

Family Name, First Name
Listed alphabetically

Beck, Sascha (Perth, Australia)

Clark, Cathy
(Tokyo, Japan)

Loersch, Sharon (Mandurah, Australia)

Matsuura, Barbara (Tokyo, Japan & Sedona Arizona, USA)

Miyazaki, Carol (Sarasota, Florida, USA)

Zen Massage Center (Tokyo, Japan)

Country, Region
Countries are listed alphabetically

Remedial Massage
Sharon Loersch
(Mandurah, Australia)

Aromatherapy Massage
Sascha Beck
(Perth, Australia)

Tokyo (Japan)
Aromatherapy Massage
Zen Massage Center

Shiatsu Massage

Cathy Clark

Barbara Matsuura (Tokyo, Japan & Sedona Arizona, USA)

Seitai Massage
Zen Massage Center


Belavi Facelift Massage

Arizona ~ Sedona

Barbara Matsuura
(Tokyo, Japan & Sedona Arizona, USA)

Florida ~ Sarasota

Carol Miyazaki (Sarasota, Florida, USA)




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