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Zen Massage Center

Seitai Massage & Aromatherapy Massage

Zen and Emi offer Seitai massage and Aromatherapy massage in a convenient location just around the corner from Ropponge Hills in Tokyo, Japan.

I highly recommend them. They are foreigner friendly and Zen did an amazing job fixing my back after I had been to Osteopaths in Australia, Shiatsu in Japan and Thai Massage in Thailand. Zen was the one finally able to put my bones back in the right place and get rid of the pain I had had for about 2 months. He is definitely in my good books! Sascha Hewitt

Zen giving a seitai massage

Emi giving an aromatherapy massage

10 mins walk from Roppongi station; quiet and relaxed atmosphere of the clinic has always been patronized by many celebrities like artists and sport players from all over the world.

ZEN Massage Center ~ "ZEN Chiryouin"

Our natural seitai massage therapy has provided cures for 10 years.
Zen's seitai massage technique improving blood circulation to resolve problems like chronic headache, back pain, stiff shoulders. Adjusting autonomic nerve balance contributes to your healthy body that repels sickness.

Seitai Massage
¥6000 per hour
¥3000 for 30 minutes

Aromatherapy Massage.
¥9000 per hour
¥4500 for 30 minutes

Open 7 days a week.

ZEN Massage Center ~ "ZEN Chiryouin"
Iwae flat 3-1-26 Moto-azabu,
Tokyo 106-0046
Tel & Fax:(03)3401-7611

When you get to "Natural Lawsons" which is a bright pink convenience store, look down the street about 40 metres and you will see a cream building with a black and white sign saying ZEN.

•Subway Nanboku/Oedo Line ( Azabujuban Station ) 10 min. walk from Exit 4

•Subway Hibiya/Oedo Line ( Roppongi Station) 5 min. walk from Exit 1

•By car 5 min. from Takagicho I.C. and 10 min. from Shibakoen I.C.


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