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Getting a Web Page at
Natural Healing is my website which has an index of Alternative Health Practitioners, Healers, Teachers and Creative People.

I made it as a resource for people looking for Alternative Health Practitioners, Healers, Teachers and Creative People. People offering services in alignment with the Natural Healing Center concept can have their own page made for them for US$70. Transparent Gif

It is quite expensive to advertise in magazines and newspapers. I found that there were a whole lot of interesting people offering services that are wanted, but they were unfindable.


  1. The cost is very low (US$70), and there are NO ongoing costs such as paying monthly hosting fees and yearly domain name fees. You only pay for changes if you need them made.
  2. already has a following and has already been indexed by the search engines. It is continuing to grow and attract more viewers. You will be part of a community of like minded people promoting healing, health and creativity.
  3. It is set and forget! Once you have made the page you don't have the headache of ongoing maintenance of the site.

  4. You will have your own web address which you can use on business cards, advertising and so on. An example of an NHC web address:

  5. What goes around comes around! Your promotion of your web address will benefit other people who have a web page at Natural Healing Center and vice versa. The viewers attracted to are a very specific targeted audience likely to be open to your services and products if you have been attracted to Natural Healing Center.


  1. If you need a large site with many pages.
  2. If you want to sell products directly from the website.
  3. If the image does not fit yours or you want to project a strong corporate identity.


Who can join the Natural Healing Center Web Pages? Healers of all kinds. Musicians, teachers, artists, singers, naturopaths, massage therapists, neurofeedback practitioners, acupuncturists, organic & vegetarian food, and so on. If there is no one in your category yet I can make one for you.

RECIPROCAL LINKS. If you have a website and want a reciprocal link with please email me the page of your website you would like to add.

Who can't join Natural Healing Center Web Pages? Is what you are offering in alignment with Natural Healing Center? No goods made from items which will have resulted in the death or suffering of animals (leather,silk etc.) Ask yourself whether your service or product or offering is healthy, healing and making the world a better place and you will have your answer.

HOW TO GET YOUR OWN WEB PAGE. You need to e-mail me at with the following information and pay through our secure online credit card payment system or work out another way of paying if you don't want to do this.

  1. Your Name
  2. E-mail Address
  3. Business or Home Address
  4. Phone & Mobile Phone Numbers and Fax number.
  5. The Categories and City/Country you want to be listed under i.e. Tokyo, Acupuncture & Shiatsu Massage (the US $70 fee only includes 2 categories and 1 city - if you want to be listed under more than 2 categories and 1 city there is a fee of $10 for every 2 extra categories or cities you are listed under).
  6. The Text you want on your page with titles in bold or CAPITALIZED. Please make sure you have edited and spell checked your page BEFORE you send it to me. If you need to change it there will be a $10 fee each time I have to re-do it. When you first send me your info I will put it on the web. You have 2 chances to change it without incurring extra cost or 2 hours of time, whichever comes first. I will spend a maximum of 2 hours of my work time making your page. If it is going to take more than 2 hours there will be extra charges involved. I will let you know if I think what you are asking me to do will take more than 2 hours before I do anything.

  7. Photos (optional). Please email me the photos you want on the page i.e. your photo or photos of your work. If you don't have digital photos you can post me the photos and I will scan them. There is a $10 fee for each photo I scan.

  8. A background image (optional). If there is some image you would like to appear in the background such as the shell on Roz Brown's page . It can be a small photo which is expanded and faded into the background. Please mark the image as a background image so I know what it is. Or just send me some photos and let me decide.

  9. Pay for your page. It usually takes 24 hours for me to receive notification of payment. Once I receive payment as well as your text and photos the page should be up within a week in most cases.

Natural Healing Center reserves the right to take down your page for any reason or no reason without notification. Natural Healing Center reserves the right to change the address of your web page if the continued expansion of the site makes this necessary. You will receive notification of change of web address months in advance. We sincerely hope none of the above will be necessary.

1 Natural Healing Center Page $70
1 Extra Category or City Listing $10
1 Update or Correction (small) $10


HOW TO DO A CORRECTION OR UPDATE: If you have a word or sentence that needs to be corrected or updated please send me the number of the PARAGRAPH it is contained in. i.e. paragraph number 3. Please send me the whole paragraph corrected NOT JUST THE WORD YOU WANT CHANGED.

Example: Please replace paragraph #3 with this paragraph and paragraph #10 with this paragraph.

If you would like more information please call me or email me:

Ph/Fax: 81-3-3710-3946 (International)
Ph/Fax: 03-3710-3946 (within Japan)

Working hours are 11am to 7pm Tokyo time.
To check the time in Tokyo please go to the World Clock website.

See Georgie's NHC web page. By Sascha Hewitt

Have you received any business from having a web page?
Oh yeah. Definitely. A lot of people comment on it.

I feel strongly that my clients come with a whole different attitude. They used to come with a million different questions. When they come they are already committed. It answers a lot of questions such as my qualifications and so on so I don't have to answer them any more.

I feel that by the time they get to me they are a more educated clientel. They used to ask some many basic questions but they don't any more because they have read the answers on my web page.

Building it was educational.

It is fantastic to be able to refer people to it. It relieves me of a lot of work and allows me to spend more time actually doing the treatment rather than answering basic questions. People want to know the answers to those questions though, which is important too.

At first when it was suggested to me to have a web page I really didn't get it at all. I really didn't think I needed it. Now I do!

It is a tool. People start the process of being a solid and informed client by reading the web page. Doing the web page has made me look at websites with a more critical eye. Too many are full of sales stuff and not enough useful information.

Some examples of my work:
Sacred by Design - Artist & Yoga Instructor Basia Lipska's website

Rotary Reaching Out
- Tsunami Disaster Appeal

Perth Condos - Luxury apartment for rent in Australia

Tokyo Therapy - Psychologist Prem Dana Takada's website

ACS Japanese Pottery - Agape Ceramic Studio

BMAC-ABA - Autism

Training Brain Waves - Neurofeedback

Natural Healing Center - this site


Townsend, G. Interview (18th Nov. 2004) Tokyo, Japan.




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