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Getting an Email account that matches your web address.

Having an email address that matches your website name looks professional and builds customer confidence. If you use a free email address such as a hotmail account on your website your customers may be more concerned about handing over money to you (if you are selling something from your site!)

If you choose a web based email service you will be able to check it from any computer with an internet connection. This is very convenient if you are traveling and a great relief if your Internet Service Provider is offline or your computer is not working for some reason.

You can buy email accounts from
Natural Healing Center here:

They are web based email accounts which you can check from any computer with an internet connection.
1 email account is $9.95 a year (25 MB storage)
5 accounts are $19.95 a year (1000 MB storage)
100 email accounts are $29.95 a year (2000 MB storage).

If you have more than one website and an existing email address in some cases it is possible to receive and answer all emails from the same mail box using all of the different email addresses. This is very convenient as it means you only need to log in to one account each day. Not all email providers offers this kind of service. The free email accounts I have checked don't have this service.

The paid for email accounts provided by will allow you to forward email from various different email accounts and use different identities (email addresses) to answer the emails. (Go Daddy Inc. 2004)

A Yahoo Mail Plus Account will allow you to receive and answer email from up to 10 POP mail addresses. For instructions on how to do this follow the instructions at the Yahoo Mail Plus FAQ. (Yahoo Mail Plus FAQ, 2004)

If you host your domain with one registrar company and have email with another you will have to change your Zone records (MX and CName) with your registrar to be able to answer your email from an email address with your website name in it. (Go Daddy Inc. 2004) See the Email FAQ at for more information. ( FAQ, 2004)

I have 2 different websites as well as 2 separate email accounts. I want to have a total of 5 different email addresses. 2 for one website ( & and one for the other, as well as my email from my Internet Service Provider and a web based email account.
“If you want to be able to use all 5 different email accounts to both recieve and send email from them indivdually you can setup 5 different identities in Outlook Express, one for each account. To do this you would Open Outlook Express and go to File - Identities. Under each identity you would setup the mail settings for the appropriate email acount. This will allow you to access each account individually simply by switching identities under File-Switch Identity.” (Expert Exchange, 2004)

“Try the Redirector product at It will do it for you.” (Expert Exchange, 2004)

Expert Exchange, 2004. Question submitted 18th Nov. 2004 to

Go Daddy Inc. Interview by telephone with technical support advisor (17th Nov. 2004). (2004). Retrieved November 20th, 2004 from: or exact page:

Yahoo Mail Plus FAQ,(2004)


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