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So you want to Do It Yourself

If you want to build your website by yourself there are many companies offering this kind of service. Some are free but put advertising on your site. Others charge a small monthly fee for their service. They offer templates (web site designs) which have already been generated. You type in your text and add graphics.

This is a much easier option than learning to use a software program to build websites or learn HTML code.

They tend not to look as professional as websites made by webmasters. And you will still need to have a certain amount of knowledge about webmastering to get your site to be successfully indexed on search engines.

If you have:

  • computer skills which are good enough to do this
  • time to learn how to do it
  • the ability to optimize graphics for the web and
  • an interest in how to get your site on the search engines

This could be the right option for you! Building websites is fun but also a lot of work! Of course the advertising makes it seem like it will be easier than it is so make sure you put plenty of time aside to do it.

Natural Healing Center offers various options here if you are interested in giving it a go yourself.

Good luck! Have fun!


You recently built a Do It Yourself website with your husband. Why did you decide to do that?
The money.

Which company did you build your site with?

What was it like to build your own site?
Well, they didn't have enough fonts to choose from. They had templates (website designs) which were either kooky fun stuff or too boring, flat, businessy. Not enough choices.

I had to build the table box by box and it was very tedious. Right now it is too wide and it is going to take forever to fix it. I am going to get a webmaster to help me get it right.

I went through a million pictures to find the right one.

It was a lot of work. Writing the text was very, very difficult.

Right now I don't think it looks professional enough.

Any advice for people planning to build their own site?
Keep it simple!

Townsend, G. Interview (18th Nov. 2004) Tokyo, Japan.




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