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Volunteer and Donations
It is really difficult to find charitable organizations to donate second hand items to in Japan. If anyone knows of any, (even outside Japan) that will take second hand items, please let me know about them.

For Humans For Animals Give Aways for Schools

For Humans

QUOZ- Quoz is giving children a childhood.
A Tokyo based group takes saleable items of furniture and so on. Funds raised from the sale of these items goes to fund their school for children in Goa, India.

You can make a donation by transferring funds to Stephen Young, Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi, Ordinary Account No. 0120968, Kugayama Branch (branch code 128) Tokyo. The bank's address, if you are donating from another country, is Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi, 3-24-17, Kugayama, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 168-0082, Japan.

Phone: 03-5932-7777


Need Food? Or want to help people who do? Food Bank Japan - (03)3838-3827
Makes food available to foreign students and people in need. Call to receive a donation or volunteer. Drivers and other volunteers needed. Check their website for further information.



Animal Rights Petitions

Petition Against Bullfighting
Bullfighting is a public show that is practising and has as goal to cause physical and psychological suffering, pain and the death of the bulls, in addition to mistreating and putting in danger the horses.

Give Aways for Schools

Maths Books for grades 8-10 (or 7-9 in an accelerated program).
(Tokyo - would prefer not to pay postage.)
Description: They are 1995 and 1996, grades 8-10 (or 7-9 in an accelerated program),
standard US textbooks. The three titles are:
Windows to Algebra and Geometry, Algebra I: An Integrated Approach, and

We have probably at least 50 student texts of each, plus teacher's edition and supplemental materials. They were published by DC Heath, which has since been taken over by Houghton Mifflin, but the name for high school texts is McDougal Littell. I couldn't see a description of these, but the current edition of Algebra I, for example, is by the same authors. It wouldn't be the same as getting new books, but I'll bet the content isn't very different.See publisher's description.


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