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Karen Mattison
Tokyo, Japan & Worldwide
Clinical Hypnotherapist,
Health Coach & Reiki Master

Karen Mattison Clinical Hypnotherpaist, Health Coach, Reiki Master Tokyo Japan  

Receive health coaching or energy healing in the privacy and comfort of your own home with telephone coaching or distance healing. If you prefer to meet in person, office appointments are available in Tokyo when Karen is in town.

Health Coaching: Hypnosis, NLP, and other techniques help you set and achieve your goals, find balance and peace of mind, relieve pain and stress, and let go of harmful thoughts, patterns, and behaviors. Telephone coaching or in-person sessions available.

Energy Healing: Reiki and other energies clear negative energy in your body and aura, thereby releasing blocks and promoting healing. Energy can also be sent across time to heal past trauma or smooth the way for future events. Distance healing or in-person sessions available.

Skype: tokyohypno

Special Programs

Hypnobirthing * Smoking Cessation * Weight Control
Please call or email for details.

Benefits of Health Coaching
• Balance your 4 bodies: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual
• Increase creativity, concentration, productivity, and more
• Overcome self-limiting beliefs and harmful behaviors
• Release old patterns of anger, fear, and grief
• Relieve pain and stress quickly and easily
• Set and achieve your goals
• Find your inner voice

Top Coaching Requests
Confidence * Motivation * Forgiveness * Self-Discovery * Stress Relief

Benefits of Energy Healing

• Relax
• Accelerate healing
• Release blocked energy
• Increase your energy flow
• Open and balance your chakras
• Heal old wounds and behaviors
• Send positive energy to future events
• Empower your affirmations & intentions
• Clear objects of negative energy (e.g., jewelry, houses)

Top Healing Requests
Illness & Injury Recovery * Surgical Preparation & Recovery * Easing Transitions* Stress Relief * Space Clearing

Reiki Training also offered; please call or email for information.

Easy payment with PayPal (other options available).
Please email or call for latest service & price list.


For More Information about Karen

Karen’s website:
Karen in the Japan Times

Health coaching and energy healing are offered as adjuncts to medical care. Please seek medical attention for physical ailments and injuries.


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