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Sunka Ltd. Shizuoka, Japan
Health Food Supplements & Skin Care Products

Eloox - Health Food Supplement
In these modern times when life moves so fast and unwanted stress has become the norm, it is important to look after yourself. Taking Eloox everyday certainly helps.

South Pacific Natives have long benefited from taking the tendrils of this plant – tinospora tuberculata, and drinking it as a tonic for general good health and improved bowel function.

What people are saying about Eloox:
1. It was difficult to take Eloox everyday, but I got used to it towards the end of the first box. I have noticed many improvements in my health since taking Eloox. Despite working from early morning till late evening, I do not feel as tiered as I used to. I feel that my waterworks function much better, and I no longer suffer from a stiff shoulder. This winter for the first time, I did not catch a cold. 55 year old Male (Supermarket owner)

Eloox is supplied in powder format.
1 box (contains 30 sachets) ¥14,800 (inc. tax).

SEC Nyueki - Skin Lotion
SEC Nyueki lotion is a total skincare product. It is made from natural ingredients. It has no fragrance, colourings or oil. It is gentle on the skin. It's total versatility makes it ideal for all uses, especially as an after-sun lotion. It can be applied thickly and used as a facial pack.
16ml. ¥1,950 (inc. tax)
80ml. ¥4,500 (inc. tax)

What people are saying about Nyueki skin lotion:
When climbing Mt Fuji in summer, I suffered sunburn from the strong sun. I applied Nyueki liberally before going to bed. The next morning, I was surprised to find that I was not in any discomfort as one would normally expect from sunburn. Furthermore, my skin was not red. 35 year old Female (works at a PR Company).

Soon after I started using Nyueki, I noticed a wonderful glow in my face. The change is evident when looking at past photographs. I now have the courage to wear pink coloured clothes. 64 year old Female (Hairdresser)

For more details please contact us by e-mail:

2359-1 Makigaya
Shizuoka City
Shizuoka, Japan

Ph: 054-277-1656
Free Dial: 0120-17-1421 (for Japan only)
Fax: 054-277-1659



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