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Pathways to Joy - Pauline Tsukamoto
Tokyo and Chiba, Japan

Presents a half day Tokyo retreat
Embracing Love
Conversations with the Inner Self

For women seeking quality time with themselves

Join me in an afternoon away from busyness. Take this opportunity to put aside the roles, the seemingly endless `doing` in mind and body, and slow down into stillness. Let yourself quietly open the door to the other you – your inner self. Here rests a gentle, wise, compassionate presence. It is both the love that is you, and the love that flows for you.

The busier we are, the more frenetic our schedules, the further we go from this place of peace. We are so driven by what we create that it becomes difficult to let in another reality. Living is holding on to tension as if it were a lifeline. Yet the act of bringing this deeper awareness into our consciousness gives us the gift of another way to live and a more profound way to know ourselves.

The focus in this experiential workshop is to open the heart to this nurturer within. To give it a voice that speaks the language of love you choose. To have it there to comfort, support and direct you in your daily life. The words, thoughts and feelings that are kind to you; that also inspire, calm and heal you. You will be planting the seeds for a higher quality of relationship with yourself, others and the world. You will be expressing your higher self. Learn to embrace this loving energy; it is as limitless as the universe from which it comes. Learn what it can do for you. Learn to let it in. Learn to let go.

Pauline Tsukamoto is a transformational life coach and founder of PATHWAYS TO JOY. She brings to EMBRACING LOVE the joy of her own inner relationship, and a vision enriched by years of self exploration and healing that has led her to a greater personal reality.

Date: May 27th (Sat.) Time: 1.00 p.m. – 5.00 p.m
Place* Minami Aoyama compound, 7 minutes from Omotesando subway
Station. Map on request
Fee: Yen 4,000

CONTACT: Pauline Tsukamoto at 0470-87-7935 or

Pathways to Joy is about vision and transformation. When awareness is seen through a vision in light it creates meaning from a joy in being, and transforms personal truth into a reality that lets us `follow our bliss`.

Living in the light comes from being empowered by this inner glow. With this loving energy actively moving through our daily lives we experience our presence and the world around us more easily, more naturally.

The first step to walking in our own sunlight is to be aware. To see that we are a presence of both form and feeling and to know that within the folds of this truth rests a self that embodies the miracle and mystery of existence. In nurturing this gift of life through moments of stillness, contemplation, when we express our essence or even when we receive the breath present to the moment ,we build a relationship with the source of our being, the source of our wisdom.

The energy in this place of peace expresses a quality, a mood of experiencing that when connected to its flow becomes a language of living that respects our total experience. Life around us with all its challenges is received by a wiser mind.In this way, the path of the spirit joins the world of our senses and everyday events see a body less governed by excessive reaction, emotional, chemical or mechanical. Participation in the world becomes viewed with eyes of curiosity, wonder and possibility. Head is with body, mind is with heart, and feet touch the earth. We are separate selves yet belong to the universe. Guided by our essence expressed in the integrity of our person, in living in the light we are the best we can be .In joy we look to and manifest our chosen path.

PATHWAYS TO JOY offers life-enrichment coaching.
Our caretakers, their life circumstances, the beliefs and needs that determined their experience produced the level of shelter, nurture and direction we received. In adulthood the gift of responsibility allows us to meet our needs, to match out beliefs with the life of our desires. When we express our potential, we give to ourselves the possibility of living our our dreams...Know what you want. Make a decision to walk the path of your choice. Make it a reality. Give yourself a time frame, set goals, monitor your progress, enjoy your achievements and have a life enrichment coach to encourage, to work along side, to support and congratulate you on your successes. And have fun going for gold!

Encounter with Japan workshops;Japan Coaching
My Japanese encounter brought me face to face with the need to see in a different way. It took time to change my focus from what I saw to how I saw yet it made all the difference to how I felt about myself and this country. Japan importantly taught me that I could have opinions, thoughts and beliefs that were based on my own truth and that they would be valid. More and more the cultural and social beliefs I carried with me could not stand up to the strength of my own experience. The lessons to be learned in a cross-cultural encounter encourage personal growth and create a more open, flexible and accepting approach to life in general.

The Subject of Vision
The more we let sight into ourselves with love attached, the more we illuminate our experience of being alive. The more we give our life journey, the growth, the achievements, the struggles and suffering the honoured places they deserve in our consciousness.

We carry with us the wisdom of the universe, from our cells outwards, that allows us a vision without end. It is a sadness to not let this sight take us to realities wrapped in our dreams of fulfillment, joy and wellness. The source of our vision whether psychological, emotional, spiritual or physical is within us. How well, how fully we see comes from and is determined by how deeply we connect to and recognise ourselves. For true vision is awareness unfettered.

Sometimes there are shadows that start as dots ,that can grow like mental tumours swallowing up so much of the light in our sight and life, and in so doing take us away from the potential joy, fulfillment and enlightenment available in our life experience. When these obstruct to that extent, whether they come from ancient or more recent memories or in the present day, they deny to us clear, free, honest and open vision that came with us at birth.

Fear is a major block to seeing the truth, our own, and the greater universal truth supporting us. Beliefs connected to fear create distress : at a lesser level - a sense that something isn`t quite right but the reason can`t be pinpointed causing unsettling and unhappy feelings; at its worst it leaves a canopy of confusion and conflict over everything it sees with its web of disarray, distortions and disharmony.totally upsetting one`s wellbeing,

There may be so much fear that the glasses one uses to see life have to be readjusted, even replaced over and over, but the result will always lead to healthier, improved sight and life experience. The light of better vision extends both inwardly and outwards; it radiates the mind, spirit and body with the glow from twinkling eyes, eyes vivid, reflecting life`s wondrous possibilities, the glass half filled, the magic of pure vision.

It does take courage but when the clouds of fear can be seen clearly for what they mean, and the suffering honoured in the going on despite - a belief in a clearer sky somewhere beyond them; then their impact can never be quite the same. For our vision has embraced, in some way, unbeknown to us, perhaps, a sight, a truth beyond the limits created by the fear. We will have grown stronger, more able to connect to what we honestly see, what is real for us, what we want to see, from eyes that love rather than fear. And we will have freed ourselves from what was unwanted, unneeded, disliked, feared, doubted, hated in the first place. We will have begun to remove the shackles around our own vision, clearing it, expanding it, loving it.

How do we withdraw from seeing openly, honestly the facts of our lives.? We conveniently close our eyes, and so our minds and our hearts.. We put shutters over them that are raised only on condition. In that way we protect ourselves from what we see in order to not see, and in so doing deprive ourselves and greatly limit our potential to enrich our lives. So, try to let go of whatever may come to spoil what you see and experience; whatever limits, darkens, disturbs and hurts. Open up the curtains over your eyes, let the light flow in and out and onto a fuller, richer, more rhonest and honourable view of yourself and then your desires and the means to achieve them can be fully born.

Polish those glasses whether it`s just a few specks of dust on them, or deep smudges; endeavour to make them shine and sparkle. Give yourself what you deserve; the beauty of unimpeded vision. The more you do this, the more you remove what you don`t want, and in particular any beliefs that get in the way, you then clear your way forward; the direction you want to go will become more obvious. You can then take the steps you need to get there. The more you live with your own vision, your own truth, the more you will live the life you want.

I have needed to change my glasses countless times. I`ve had to nearly replace shattered ones, and extensively repair their replacements. I`ve had glasses I have dreaded wearing, glasses that terrified me by the view from them, glasses I pretended to wear and others I pretended not to; even glasses I longed for but couldn`t relax wearing them or those that fitted so well but were taken away.IWearing other people`s glasses , as well,became such a habit that I thought they were my own. In a way I had lost sight of where mine were. When I would find myself I would struggle with trusting what I saw, with believing in its truth, so fuzzy was the space between the world of others and myself.My long search for ones that felt right has led me back to the vision I had in the beginning, unadorned, unchained,untampered with, and together with the richness in the sight I have acquired in years of learning, of growing, of becoming more aware my eyes can now really shine with what they see in and beyond me.

Some people`s glasses may only required a minor adjustment now and again - a slight change in attitude to the mind that sees; others may require a near complete overhaul. As we go through life, the constant changes occurring in life require us to keep in contact with what we see, t.o maintain our health, to maintain our lives wisely. It is an ongoing process for what we see and how we see it comes from our mind, our feelings in tow, and our body through which vision flows and without which on planet Earth nothing could be seen or experienced or achieved in the first place.

CONTACT: Pauline Tsukamoto at 0470-87-7935 or


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