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Madan Poudel - Nepalese Language & Culture Lessons
Computer Lessons


The national language of Nepal is known as "Nepali". Nepal is home to around 20 million speakers of Nepali. Nepali is the mother tongue for 11 million people.† Outside of Nepal, Nepali is also spoken in northeast India and in much of Bhutan. On account of its widespread use in the states of West Bengal (particularly in the district of Darjeeling and Sikkim), the Indian Constitution recognizes Nepali as a major language of India.

Nepali is an Indo-Aryan language, and thus part of a linguistic grouping which includes other South Asian languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Marathi and Gujarati. Modern Indo-Aryan languages are related to Sanskrit, much as modern European languages are related to Latin.

Nepali is written in the Devanagari (or 'Nagari') script, which is also used for Hindi,
Marathi and Sanskrit. Nepali Devanagari has 11 vowels and 33 consonants. The script is essentially phonetic. The script is written from left to right, with a top line indicating the word boundaries.

Madan Poudel is a Nepali citizen who comes from the land of Mt. Everest. He
is fluent in English, Hindi Napalese and speaks some Japanese. He offers Nepalese language lessons, Nepalese culture lessons and computer lessons.

Since Nepalese is his mother tongue, he not only can help students with the grammatical patterns of Nepalese but also with the logical depth and natural language of Nepal.

Madan did his pre-diploma in Computer Science and was formerly a partner in an Internet Café and computer store in Nepal.

He offers PC troubleshooting. Computer lessons he offer include:

Microsoft Office packages

• MS Word
• MS Excel
• MS PowerPoint

Website Design

• Java script
• VB script
• FrontPage
• Photoshop
• Flash

He is available to teach classes in Chiba and Tokyo.

Nepalese language & culture classes are ¥2000 per hour plus transportation.Computer Lessons are ¥2500 per hour plus transportation.

Madan's contact details are out of date. Madan please contact me to update your details.












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