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Lucie Mori - Tokyo, Japan
Chinese Elements Fengshui
Vedic Numerology/Astrology
Tarot, Runes and I Ching Reading
Vedic or Taoist Talisman Selection
Psychic Counseling


Fengshui Fortunetelling and Psychic Counseling

Fortunetelling will help you:

1. To identify a blockages and improve your personal life

2. Guide you to the right work area and career development

3. Identify who is your best life partner

4. What is the best season for your new movement and actions like looking for new job, moving to a new house, starting a new relationship.

5. Where and when should you expect the fortune from love, wealth, friends, career, creative or intellectual work.

6. Gain a new knowledge’s and increase intuition.

7. To receive a hope and faith, achieve clarity and peace of mind.


1. Chinese elements fengshui
2. Vedic Numerology/Astrology
3. Tarot, Runes and I ching reading
4. Vedic or Taoist talisman selection
5. Psychic counseling

You will receive recommendations on specific mudra, mantra and yantra, these are specific talismans that can hasten your abundance in different areas, boost up your health, calm your nerves, help you in relationship with others and more.

Contacts details:
Lucie Mori
Location: Koenji Minami, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, Japan.
Phone: 090-6488-9255



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