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October 18th
Held on the 3rd Sunday of the month several times a year.
Admission ¥500
Healing 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. (various fees)

For more information see:

Healers/holistic vendors who want to rent a space - email Rosalyn Hagiwara

2007 Festival

Rosalyn Hagiwara
  BYRON KATIE SESSION: 20 minutes ¥2,000
According to Byron Katie, "It's not the problem that causes our suffering; it's our thinking about the problem." Using a simple but powerful technique devised by Byron Katie, Rosalyn will guide you to enquire into your thinking about your situation. After answering four simple questions, you will see your stressful thoughts from a new perspective. Rosalyn also offers healing sessions and clairvoyant readings at the Unicorn Center. See and Byron Katie

Kate Brady
Kate is an Acupuncturist, Herbalist and a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner. In her work as a holisitic therapist, she combines two systems, one ancient and one modern --- Oriental Medicine and Barbara Brennan Healing Science --- for a full spectrum healing of body, mind and spirit. Her goal is to empower clients to access their own deepest wisdom and set their own innate capacity for self-healing in motion. She offers private sessions and workshops on self-healing and relationship healing.. See her website.

Setsuko Hara
  ANGEL CARD READINGS: 30 minutes ¥3,000
As an Angel Therapy Practitioner (ATPR), Setsuko provides angel readings using Angel Cards and claircognizance, to help you recognize you yourself can contact higher beings such as angels, spirit guides, higher self, masters etc. any time you need to do so. In this way you can learn to heal yourself...

  EMF Balancing Technique Mini-Session ¥2,000 , Intuitive Energy Medicine ¥3,000. (with Sound Therapy ¥5,000)
Mimma is an EMF Balancing Technique Supervisory Teacher, Intuitive Energy Medicine Practitioner, Health & Wellness, Weight Management Consultant & Biodanza Facilitator. The EMF=Electro Magnetic Field technique strengthens who you are at the core of your being so you may co-create the most enlightened life you can. By balancing your energy field with the energy of the earth, you increase your alignment with all that is. EMF is for anyone who is on the conscious path and who wishes a transformation.

  アバターコースの紹介 (無料)
アバターコースは経験を中心とした練習の数々で構成された自己発見の冒険です。望む現実を作り出し、人生をより豊かに楽しく生きるための最高にパワフルな 自己開発コースです。あなたも意識の目覚めというマジックを経験してみませんか。 日本語で紹介します。
バッチ・フラワーエッセンス調合ボトル作成 3,000円
心を癒す花のエネルギー38種類の中からカウンセリングと花カードにより、 あなたに最適なエッセンスを調合します。
エンジェルカードリーディング 2,000円

Cathy Kamino
  REIKI SESSION: 15 minutes 1,500 yen
Cathy Kamino offers energetic healing and beauty treatments. She is a Reiki Master, Certified EMF Balancing Technique Practitioner, and Certified Belavi Facelift Massage Specialist. At this festival Cathy will offer Reiki treatments. Reiki is especially useful for balancing and stress reduction. Cathy will also be selling Banyan Botanical Ayurvedic supplements.See her website.

  タロットカードリーディング 2,000円
光と女神のカード【タロー・デ・パリ】「タロー・デ・パリ」は2002年に誕生した新しい時代のタロットです。 カードの中には、光と女神の力が注がれています。このカードを見るだけでヴィジュアライゼーション(視覚化)効果がおこり、 直感へとつながります。 あなたの魂からのメッセージを聞いてみませんか。


The Rumi deck was created from inspirations of one of the world’s greatest Sufi Mystics Jalaludin Rumi. The deck is designed to awaken: inspiration, love and wisdom. The cards help decipher issues at an emotional, mental and spiritual level. The cards will show why things are the way they are, what is happening at the present and how you can change the present for a better future with love and wisdom. The readings are insightful, full of hope and guidance … Sainoor Premji is a certified master hypnotherapist, and a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

John Iammatteo

John is a Shaman and a healer trained in many healing modalities. See his website.

Nicole Mizoguchi
  SOUL PORTRAIT DRAWING AND INTUITIVE READING 30min. ¥4,000 Also 15 min. Soul Portrait drawing only (¥2,500). 15 min. Intuitive clairvoyant reading only (¥2,000). See the light of your soul revealed in a colorful pastel drawing. Receive information and guidance from your guardian angels about your life path. Many people have been emotionally moved as they experienced the artwork and peaceful energies. Soul Portraits and clairvoyant readings combine art and intuition to offer you a glimpse into your own soul energy and angel guidance. See her website.

Yuuko Hughes

  ENERGY READING 20minutes 2.000yen 30 minutes ¥3.000
I read your energy and tell you necessary messages. Those messages give you real power in your life. Everyone has a gift when they are born. But most of people don't notice what their gift is. When you are ready to know, I'll tell you what is it. (Readings will be conducted in Japanese only).

Pina Nagar
  REFLEXOLOGY 3000 yen 30 minutes
Reflexology is a ‘touch-therapy’, the feet are mapped out to every organ and function in the body. By applying gentle pressure to the reflex points on the feet, it can relieve stress, tension, improves circulation and remove toxins and blockages in energy pathways and improves health by activating the body’s own healing ability. All you need to do is lie back and relax as you allow your body to heal through your feet. Pina is a Reflexologist who has trained in London.

  SOUND HEALING THERAPY 15 minutes 1,500 yen
Experience how the sound of Tibetan Bells and the power of their vibration can take you to a meditative state and heal you. Arun was born in Italy but has lived in many countries. He studied healing therapy and essential oil therapy at the Osho University in Pune India. See info on Arun's workshops at Sun & Moon Yoga.
Natural herbal oil is also available for 1,500 yen per bottle.

Chris Sharp
Avatar is a 9-day course and is about experiencing an awakening of yourself and the deliberate transformation of your life. It is a series of experiential exercises that you can safely and playfully explore YOU. The tools enable you to align your life deliberately with what you want to achieve. You will experience your own unique insights and revelations; revealing yourself to yourself. The course is in three sections and is taking place in Tokyo, Japan from Apr. 28 - May 6th. See:

Yukiko Kondo
  Angel Reading & Healing For Your Happiness 20 minutes 2,000 yen
To feel happiness inside your heart, first you need to connect and acknowledge your true feelings. As an Angel Therapy PractitionerR I support the process of getting aware of your true essence using Angel Oracle Cards and Aura-Clearing techniques by Archangel Michael on request base. I also tell you the message from Ascended Masters of higher realms using Doreen’s new cards” Ascended Masters Cards”

Emmy Howe and Carissa Williams, Xocai Associates.
Introducing, Xocai Healthy Chocolate made from pure dark chocolate and Acai berries, containing the most potent antioxidants available, vital to our health. There is a growing body of research on the significant health benefits of dark chocolate and Acai berry. We’re looking forward to serving you. Try some Xocai Healthy Chocolate... It’s a beautiful thing! For more information please visit:

All are welcome to come and enjoy the wonderful healing energy and experience different kinds of healing techniques.

"Heal yourself of your own self-judgment, and resulting self-deprivation, and you will be able to heal others and bring healing through the collective unconscious of humanity..." Barbara Brennan

The Illumination Festival is partially sponsored by The Circle of Light

Museum Tokyo
International Health - Art - Education Center
Fukumura Ogikubo Bldg. 2nd Floor
5-30-6 Ogikubo, Suginami-ku
167-0051 Tokyo, Japan


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