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dEReK k. sHorT




Next Gig: Friday April 9th
at What The Dickens - Ebisu
First show around 8:30pm last around 11pm
Roob 6 Bldg, 4F
Ebisu-Nishi 1-13-3
Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150
Ph: (03) 3780 2099
See Map Below

dEReK k. sHorT plays electric bass and tenor and soprano sax. His music is a mixture of jazz, funk, soul, hip hop and more. His music reflects his many travels and experiences.

dEReK has been a professional musician for more than 25 years. He has done live and recording work all over the world from Chicago to New York, L.A., Germany, London, Egypt and Japan etc.

He is a well respected and multi-talented artist who always impresses audiences with his passionate and highly spirited music. He has also been given glowing reviews in many music magazines and has released 4 solo CDs.

To book dEReK for a gig


What The Dickens.

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