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NLP Japan - Hypnosis Japan
Shamanic Energy Medicine
Christine Kodama Master-Practitioner licensed by the IFHE
in Ericksonian and Humanist Hypnosis
Practitioner of Luminous Healing and Shamanic Energy Medicine
Fuchu (Tokyo)

English - Français - 日本語

Healing Dragon by Brian Barry Logo for Christine’s Therapy Room – Counselling with NLP,  Hypnosis and Energy Medicine

Christine Kodama - NLP Ericksonian Hypnosis and Humanist Hypnosis Master Practitioner and Energy Medicine Practitioner  

Residing in Tokyo since 1974, I trained in Japan and the United States in NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis. I completed my professional training with the Certification of Master Practitioner in NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Humanist Hypnosis, delivered by the IFHE in November 2015 in Paris.

The French Institute of Humanist and Ericksonian Hypnosis is directed by Olivier Lockert and his wife Patricia d’Angeli, international trainers, who, probably inspired by energy medicine, created Humanist Hypnosis and Symbolical Therapy.

Since October 2005, in my Therapy Room in Fuchu, I have assisted people from all nationalities in achieving their goals:

- Getting over traumas, losses and disappointments

- Managing stress, insomnia and pain

- Giving up bad habits such as smoking or overeating

- Overcoming stage fright and writer’s block

- Envisioning a positive and inspiring future

And there are many other goals we can set together and that you can reach in one or several sessions.

With NLP and hypnotic techniques, you will recover your balance, self-confidence and motivation. You already have all the resources you need; my role is simply to help you get in touch with them to achieve fast and lasting changes.

Trained at Alberto Villoldo’s Light Body School of the Four Winds Society, as an alternative or a complement to sessions in Hypnosis, I am also offering, at the same price, Luminous Healing and Shamanic Energy Medicine sessions. 

- Illumination: balances the chakras and charges them with pure                  energy.

- Extraction: fluid or solid, helps rid the Light Body of intrusive entities.

- Decoupling: turns off the “fight or flight” response and calms                                restlessness and fear.

- Cutting Cords: eliminates unwanted luminous ties contaminating                     the energy field.

- Soul Retrieval: allows the reintegration of a lost part of the self.

- Death rites: help to overcome the fear of death, to prepare for death or to give more meaning to life. They can also be performed on a dying person.
Shamanic healing works at the level of the luminous and, in certain cases, allows the resolution of issues that hypnotherapy might not have been able to solve. Several sessions (usually from 2 to 5) are necessary.

For an appointment, send me a message at stating:

1) The goal(s) you want to achieve.

2) The language (English, French or Japanese) in which you prefer to work.

3) The days and time (morning or afternoon) convenient for you.

You can also call me on 090-4523-5336
. Please leave a message if I am unable to answer the phone.


Christine’s Therapy Room (Room 705, 7th Floor, Wind Stage) is located at just a few minutes walk from Fuchu Station.

1) Fuchu Station is 30 minutes by Super Express Train (tokkyu) from Shinjuku Station, on the Keio Line for Hachioji or Takaosan guchi.

  Christine’s Therapy Room in Fuchu, Tokyo, Japan.
At Fuchu Station South Exit (Minamikaisetsuguchi), leave the station via the stairs on your far right. You will be on Keyaki Namiki avenue. On the other side of the avenue, you will see a little street (Kokusaidoori), with a Family Mart at the left corner. Cross the avenue, and walk along Kokusaidoori. Cross Fuchukaido and you will soon find Wind Stage on your right.

2) You can also come from Fuchu Honmachi Station on the Nambu Line (See map).

3) For those for whom the JR Chuo Line is more convenient, there is also a bus in front of Musashi-koganei Station South Exit, going to Fuchu-station (30 minutes). It arrives on the North side of the station. From there, go inside the station and, with the South Exit in your back, find the stairs on your far right and follow the same instructions as above.

An hour session is 10 000 yen.

San-Shin: Spirit of Mountain with her Tiger Photo: NLP, Hypnosis, Energy Medicine

Road Map to Christine’s Therapy Room

Map to Christine’s Therapy Room for counselling in NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Humanist Hypnosis and Energy Medicine


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