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Reiki Share(Tokyo)
On the second and fourth Sunday of every month, a free Reiki Share meeting is held at Lifeforces. Everyone is welcome to attend, this is a great opportunity to exchange Reiki, experience it if you have never received it, exchange ideas and information about energy healing, meet a wide variety of people who practice Reiki, and have a good time! Please contact Petya at or telephone Tokyo, Japan (03) 3357 2067.

SPICON (Spiritual Convention) Tokyo
A Japanese Spititual/New Age type festival held every few months. You need some Japanese to be able to find your way there and make it through the event!

Tengu Organic Market Day (Chiba)
Organic Market Day is held twice a year in Spring and Fall. Fresh organic vegetables, homemade breads, crafts, aroamtherapy oils, massage, workshops on soap making, yoga and a variety of different offerings each time. Tengu Shop will has a 15% off everything sale. From around 4PM there is a live music show in the cafe. No cover charge. Check the Natural Healing Center Events Calendar for next festival.









































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