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Azzah (Tokyo, Japan)
Transformational Work - Enneagrams

Phone: 090-9208-2075

Azzah Manukow is an Australian psychologist accredited by the Gestalt
Institute in San Franciso, California, USA.

She has spent the last 25 years working internationally as a
counsellor and therapist, conducting private and corporate workshops on
Change and Transformation, and the Enneagram.

She has worked in Australia, Canada, America, Japan, Philippines, Thailand,
Hong Kong, Kenya and Mexico with people on many social levels. She works with individuals, groups and families, and also lectures worldwide.

By Changing Our Thinking we Can Change Our World (Rev. Florence Becker)
My work is concerned with personal transformation and change through workshops, one-to-one-counselling and lectures. By supporting transformation and change, I help facilitate the aquisition of deep knowledge towards higher conciousness. This is achieved by working on beliefs and emotions, which affect both the mind and
physical body.

My workshops help clients to break free from deeply conditioned and predictable responses, in order to achieve true potential.

Who can I help?
Anyone and everyone. Man, woman or child. It is never to early or too
late to break old habits that contribute to unhappiness and stalemate rather
than joy and progress.

Any individual who is committed to clearing psychological blocks
to maximise their talents, or seeks to clear unproductive or negative
behavioural patterns in order to live and act conciously, will benefit.

I draw upon any number of techniques, depending on the situation and need as it arises. The approach is above all personal, creative, revealing and safe.

While no session is ever the same, techniques may include a discussion of personal history (focussing on upbringing, family roles, formative experiences and significant relationships), together with current perspectives and perceptions.

Various exercises assist in identifying and recognising recurring behavioural patterns, which are blocking in effect. Clients can access repressed emotions through deep breathing release work.

We can experience heightened awareness of inner emotions and bodily manifestations. Our true self can observe habitual responses with detachment, conciously and intentionally, so opening doors to different choices. Different choices means different paths in life, leading to progress, happiness, abundance, and the courage to pursue one's own truth.

Coming out of being in reaction to past pain allows for genuine transformation and change. My work helps us move into creative action. It calls a halt to carrying the past into the future. It stops self sabotage and allows our essence to move forward in a positive way.

We are made of energy. Transformation means transforming our rate of vibration to a higher frequency.

Our habitual reactions are a product of our past conditionings, beliefs and fears. They have become so automatic that our response to anything that touches them becomes uncontrollable and upredictable. Then the mind reacts to a situation according to our programmed beliefs. We are offended, we withdraw, become violent, miserable and unpredictable.

Being slaves to our own programmed feelings is the pathetic condition of all humanity. We are not only accustomed to being in this state of slavery, but we are accustomed to justifying it when we are touchy, moody, aggressive, and so on. How much of our conversation is kept in motion by this slavish condition? How many of our choices, and our actions? We are trained from Day One in all our mental, emotional and physical processes to react unconciously, as opposed to acting conciously.

This automatic functioning destroys freshness, spontaneity, creativity, the pure joy of being alive. We cannot have the same belief systems and expect to change. We cannot use the same measuring stick to get a different result.

We may be good at our profession, yet very easily disturbed, ruffled, distressed, or insulted. What does this mean? It means our emotions are totally without freedom. We are a slave to our emotions. Our program can only do what it is programmed to do: drain life force.

As a result we become de-pressed, dis-eased, exhausted, fear ful and/or bored with life. This stops us seeing our potential and the purpose of being in this world. So it stops transformation. We must clear destructive killing energies inside ourselves. Knowing and Being are totally different worlds. If we do not deal with our automatic responses to life, our true self will remain retarded. That is why the human race is in danger of annihilation and extinction.

The mind can be manipulated into any belief that feeds its fears. Negativity is stored in the body in the same way as pollutants. Ignoring them and thinking positively does not last long and does not release dense vibrations. (We ARE made of energy.) We will project them as our shadow side and attract the same experiences. The more we clear, the more we can be in objective observation of ourselves, which in turn weakens our programming. Then we can make different choices, based on the truth of who we are, and not controlled by automatic responses to life.

My work is concerned with helping us claim our natural birthright and live the truth of ourselves. I can help us to enter another dimension of consciousness where dense energies such as feeling victimised, lacking in confidence and using aggression no longer rule your life. Becoming fully conscious allows a higher frequency to emerge, presenting possibilities that can guide us away from destruction towards transformation.

Yes, by changing our thinking we can change our world.

The enneagram is an ancient system showing us a map of our personality. The personality is a mechanism, a way of dealing with life that we learn in childhood. It is this predictable response to life that keeps us repeating patterns and finding ourselves in similar situations over and over again throughout our lives.

For example, you may find yourself in a repeated number of abusive relationships. Or you find yourself blocked or locked in a repetitive non-productive work situation.

We sabotage our future with our past pains and out-of-date beliefs. All the great sages of all times say we are much greater than we can possibly imagine.

The enneagram shows us our automatic unconscious programmed responses to life that keep producing the same results.It helps us disengage from automatic behavior and so enables us to go deeper within.It is a moving force from fixation to potent possibilies.

By clearly seeing and understanding our patterns we become free to choose. Knowing ourselves more deeply connects us with a new sense of who we truly are. In grasping the purpose of our existence, we are enabled to develop and expand not only our own conciousness, but human consciousness at large. The greatest happiness is to know the source of our unhappiness


Phone: 090-9208-2075

Don't Forget the Children of the Beslan School Takeover!
Recall that on Wednesday, September 1, 2004, a group of men and women armed with assault rifles and grenade launchers seized school No.1 in the town of Beslan in North Ossetia, an internal republic that borders Chechnya and Georgias separatist region of South Ossetia. The attackers forced the children and teachers inside the school and announced that they were being held hostage. As you know, the grimmest of news followed this takeover.

Take a minute to think about the horrific takeover that happened in Beslan:
A 5-year old girl was crying for her mother. She was told to be quiet or she would be shot, but naturally she continued to cry, probably not even understanding what to be shot actually meant. The man pointed his gun at her. This is when the little boy telling the story put his head down, heard the gun shot, and the crying stopped. He couldn`t lift his head for the rest of the day. He was frozen in fear.

Young girls were raped, their throats cut,†thrown out of the windows. After this horrid experience, many of the children still don`t remember their own names These are children just like any, who came to school excited that day, dressed up in their pretties clothes for the first day back at school celebrations.

Most people have children, or grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc. And the children of Beslan in North Ossetia were just the same up until this day. These children were innocent, vulnerable, and completely dependent on adults for protection. Their world has been turned upside down. The little ones that survived and can still talk are asking, Why do they hate us? Why do they want to kill us? What did we do wrong? How does one begin to give them answers?
Their no children on the streets in Beslan. There is a funeral nearly every day.

The Ossetian Trauma Relief Project:

Trauma overloads the system. It distorts reality and deforms natural emotional and psychological growth. Children are 1,000 times more sensitive than adults as they store sensory experience as memory. What will be the future of those who lived through this massacre? Look into the eyes of a child near you and imagine how they would handle being in that same terrifying situation. The children and families of Beslan are entitled to psychological support and therapy that can help them to start recovering from the trauma of this ordeal.

Of course, the Beslan people will never forget this tragedy and will mourn for years to come but will people elsewhere remember the victims of this attack? Let`s do something immediate to send our love and support to this area, and give their children a chance at a bright future just like other children. Immediately offering trauma recovery therapy is key to this.

AZZAH is an Ossetian-Australian therapist with over 20 years of experience in emotional trauma. She is currently in Japan making a personal appeal for donations to finance her journey to her native Ossetia, where she will set up a space for treating trauma victims, financially support cases where medical treatment is required, photograph and report back on the effects of war on children, and take part in community efforts already in place. NO amount you contribute is too small -- please make contributions directly to Azzah or by postal transfer to the following account. Your donation will go directly toward making a difference and supporting Azzah`s work there!
Contact AZZAH by email at:
All contributions and fundraising ideas are greatly appreciated!

Donations, bank transfer to:
Name: Aza Manukow
Branch: CITIBANK Shinsaibashi
Acct. No: 0359 8306


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