Kate Brady, acupuncturist and Brennan healer interviews Rosalind Brown, Feldenkrais practitioner about the upcoming Illuminati festival.

Day 5 – Q5: What kind of healers will be taking part?
Reply: This time there will be Brennan healing, Feldenkrais functional integration, channeling, Cranial Sacral therapy, top quality aroma oils on sale, an exhibition of healing paintings and special healing CDs on sale, ear candling, face-lift massage, Reiki and Reconnection healing. A spot for a healer or vendor is ¥2,500 and there are still a few spots vacant. Contact me at rozbrown@hotmail.com to book a space as we are filling up fast now that people are returning from holiday.

For more details of events see the Illuminati Festival Website

Also see acupuncturist and Brennan healer Kate Brady’s Website
Feldenkrais practitioner Roz Brown’s Website and
The Circle of Light Website (The Circle of Light is being held right after the Illuminati Festival at the International Yoga Center in Ogikubo, Tokyo.)

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