Tokyo Vegetarian Week Festival – Interview with Yoshihiko Miyazawa Representative Director of the festival. Day 1 of 6 – scroll down for more interviews.

Day 1 – Q1: Which events can be enjoyed by people who speak English and don’t speak Japanese?
Reply: The main speaker of Commemoration of VEGETARIAN TAISAI on September 4th is Ms. Sheri DeMaris from Philadelphia in the US. English speakers will definitely be able to understand that.

We are happy that people can enjoy the Grand Vege Party in the afternoon which will be joined by speakers and guests.

And I believe the Shoujin Ryouri Session will be helpful in understanding the Japanese mind (Japanese people often hesitate to waste even a grain of rice traditionally).

You don’t need much Japanese language ability for the Tokyo Veggie Bike Ride on September 4th.

I recommend not to miss Grand Vege Party on Sept. 4th. It is chance to get to know some vegetarian friends in Japan.

For more details of events see the website which has an English section:

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