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Hand Puppets with puppeteer Heather Goodwin

Puppetry Class with Puppeteer lecturer Heather Goodwin from Emerson College in the UK. How she became interested in puppets and her Tokyo Puppetry Class

Q. How did you become interested in studying puppetry at Emerson College?
Puppeteer Heather Goodwin with a puppet made by the founder of Emerson College’s puppetry program, Roswitha Spence.
Puppeteer Heather Goodwin with a puppet made by the founder of Emerson College’s puppetry program, Roswitha Spence

Q. What are some of the challenges or difficulties you’ve faced when doing puppetry?

Initially I thought I had to be a “Good Artist” to create puppets. But we all have the ability to try to recognize what wishes to come into being and allow that to guide ones creativity.

Hand made puppets
Hand made puppets

Q. What is the most enjoyable aspect of puppetry?
Play, joy and fun.

Puppetry Class
Puppetry Class

Q. When most people think of puppetry think of puppet shows. Do you see puppetry as the art of entertaining others?

There is as much to making puppets as to playing them. The creative process of making puppets will appeal to some and the playing to others…not many people major in both!

Puppetry Workshop
Puppetry Workshop

Q. What are some of the educational applications of puppetry?

Puppetry is often our first taste of Theatre and that can be nourished from very young. Therapeutic work is very successful when puppets can enter where a person cannot.
Puppet theatre
Puppet theatre

Q. Is there such thing as "English puppetry," meaning a unique style that has grown out of British culture?

There is a popular, political brand of puppetry which began in Victorian times called Punch and Judy, who also have counterparts in many European countries.

Shadow Puppet theatre
Shadow Puppet theatre

Q. How has puppetry influenced your family life?

When we put on shows and presentations I have a fine array of family members backing me up! I have managed to do a few shows for the family, but not as much as I would like to do, but have made each one of my grandchildren their own special puppet for their 6th or 7th Birthday.

Puppet Course
Puppet Course

Q. For people who might love puppet shows but think they’re not “talented enough” to study puppetry, what would you suggest?

It could be an excuse not to get involved. There are people who are frightened of the idea of puppetry…once you get hooked it is very difficult to get unhooked.

Hand made puppets
Hand made puppets

Q. What do you hope to achieve in your two weeks in Tokyo teaching puppetry?

A continuing possibility to have dialogue and interaction with those people interested and those who have made it possible for this wonderful opportunity. Also a chance to share some of the riches I have gained from Emerson College.



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